Objet product design exhibition

Object 5 exhibition entitled "Tabagh Kثshan, From Ancient Times To Today" with the theme of "Trolley table and end table design" with curatorial of Elnaz Tehrani, was held on July 23, 1402 for two weeks at E1 Elahieh Gallery. The production of the products and the exclusive support of this event has been the responsibility of Yaks company.

The trolley table and the end table are all in one object, an object whose form and function establish an intimate relationship between the material and its user, it moves according to the user's mood and allows him to easily use it in a private or semi-private space. Use it in the morning in the bedroom, in the middle of the day in the kitchen and in the evening next to the sofa! The function of this movable object is reminiscent of the function of an old table or assembly (silver or copper tray) that was a place for people to gather at a specific location and time, which was used based on the mood and different needs.

For example, in the old days, it was used to organize things in different situations, such as moving dowry or as a tool for serving food. In this exhibition, the goal is to design a flexible and multi-purpose mobile table (trolley) that makes it possible and easy to move from one activity to another and may even have the ability to store small objects in a limited time. In this exhibition, designers were asked to redefine the design brief and propose a problem. Most of the displayed products are actually the minimum product that can be offered with the minimum acceptable product for the market, and not necessarily all ideas will be converted into products.



Maneli Afshang, Mahmoud Omidbakhsh, Ali Andaji, Roza Bemani, Bahar Pourmoghadam, Amir Hossein Tabrizi, Ali Soltani, Ashkan Sadeghi, Tanya Azizi, Reza Aliabadi, Samaneh Qasempour, Amir Qasempour, Atefe Karbasi, Kajal Kochak pour, Mahfam Kooshesh, Mahdi Gerami, Mahmoud Ganji, Atefe Moharrari, Hossein Manouchehri, Mohammad Reza Marashi, Arash Mozafari, Reza Najafian, Niloufer Niksar