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YAKS thinking is to provide an experience from kitchen space for their customers, beyond a cooking space. Yaks wants to accompany the consumers in all the processes of confronting the brand, until the time they are using the product. We seek to capture the lasting memories in the minds of our audience. We want the clients to remember the pleasant experience of communicating with us, even if they are not our customers.

Relying on its two-decade experience and taking confidence in its raw-material and production quality, Yaks offers a considerable advantage in the industry by providing 10-year warranties and after-sales service on its products.

who we are & what we do

at the beginning of the 2000s, YAKS has been present in the kitchen industry and by adding special lines for manufacturing modern and post modern kitchen and closets, has been emerged as one of the biggest producers in the field. today, YAKS has been able to achieve a sustainable growth by focusing on joint work Networks, employing modern technology , state of the modern equipment and relying on current knowledge to offer distinguished products and services on mass level. In this regard, YAKS has established the up-to-date industrial equipment in its 8000 square meters factory located at (Iran wood industry improvement town) in Ahmad Abad Mostofi by the area of 91 hectars.

despite existing sanctions and limitations against Iran, fortunately YAKS has been able to supply luxury high quality raw materials and elegant hardware for manufacturing kitchen cabinets by using machinery and advanced equipment in its factory. today, YAKS is a pioneer in manufacturing kitchen cabinets industry in Iran. In this regard, YAKS is a interested to expand its scope of activities by adding major Iranian and foreign brands to its line of products and serves as an innovator in this industry once again.


why beyond a kitchen? discover our mission & vision

  • In this way, Yaks attempts to improve the architectural design of the kitchen through deep and purposeful communication with architects and interior designers and creating synergies to design a comfortable, bright space with a beautiful view and air conditioning and easy access. our insight to the kitchen is more than designing and manufacturing the cabinets. we are going to design products that although each one has an independent identity and excellent performance, they all together create coordination and harmony. finally , we provide a pleasant and unique experience of the kitchen space for the residents.

    we believe that harmony should be in the whole architect space. therefore, we intend to offer products for all the spaces of a house in the future to affect the spatial perception and emotions that connect residents to the space. a design that does not fade over time. by focusing on the functions, we care about details and eliminate what is extra, so that the product would be simple, minimal, and has the best outcome. these products can be designed for multiple purposes so that in the end, changing the usage of space would be easily possible.

    we hold great value on human health and ergonomics and continuously improve products based on prototype building and user experience tests. we invite the residents to relax in the kitchen space and pay attention to all the details from scent to a pleasant sound in the environment.