Dear customer, thank you for being with us. Your satisfaction is indeed our most valuable asset. If you intend to buy or use kitchen cabinets, wardrobe or other products of Yaks our experts will do their best to record your questions and comments carefully and provide you with appropriate timely and highest quality services. Here are some of your FAQs about the design, sales, production and installation of kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets and other products, followed by our experts' answers. Our sales and after-sales service experts would be happy to receive and answer your questions. For more information, please contact us.



1. How and what hours can you contact the Yaks complex?

Central Office: 8:30 AM to 5 PM from Saturday to Wednesday, and 8:30 AM to 1 PM on Thursdays

Tehran Showroom: 9 AM to 7 PM from Saturday to Wednesday, and 9 AM to 4 PM on Thursdays

Furex Showroom: 8:30 AM to 5 PM from Saturday to Wednesday, and 8:30 AM to 5 PM on Thursdays

Read theContact Uspage for more information.


2. How can you have the decoration of previous Yaks products replaced or changed?

You can contact the experts of the Sales and After-Sales Service Department through the communication channels of Yaks Company and mention your needs and wants. Our colleagues will process your request and contact you as soon as possible for consultation and other required actions.


3. What are the warranty terms and conditions of the Yaks products?

While concluding the contract, you will be presented with a warranty and after-sales service guidebook for Yaks products, where all the warranty terms and conditions and services of the products are described. In case you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.


4. How are Yaks products priced and how can you be informed of the prices?

As the dimensions and conditions of each space and the type of material used in it are different, please contact our experts in the Sales Department for information about the prices and guidance in this regard.


5. What are the categories of Yaks products and services?

Design, production and installation of kitchen cabinets, wall cupboards, closets and walk-in closets, laundry and storage, decorative spaces and TV-set.


6. Where should I start my home interior design work?

In general, you can inspire from a variety of factors for the kitchen design or decoration and the interior space of your building, including the following: Consumer taste, fitting with indoor furniture, the exterior (facade) and interior architectural style of the building, the interior design style and the color of interior elements of the space, consumer needs, fitting with other common spaces, the project's budget etc. If you visit the Yaks showrooms, you can see some performed samples of work there. Our colleagues will also tell you about the implemented projects of Yaks. It should be noted that the images related to some of the Yaks projects are available on the company's website, Instagram and other social media.


7. What process should be followed in Yaks Company from the beginning to the end?

After the employer goes to the company, visits the Yaks showrooms and receives a needs assessment form to learn about the customer needs and wants, the initial measurement stage (or receiving a plan) will take place in order to obtain the information needed for the design. This stage will be followed by consulting sessions of kitchen design, interior design and design correction. In fact, there will be a consensus in these sessions between the employer and the design team aimed at achieving the desired and appropriate design and the actual demand of the employer. As desired by the employer, the design will be presented through a two- or three-dimensional model. At this stage, the design and research and development (R&D) departments hold consulting sessions where they try to achieve the best plan to meet the real "pleasure experience" of the customer using the techniques and skills of "design thinking". After the design is approved and materials are selected by the employer, the contract will be prepared by considering the terms and conditions desired and approved by the employer. The final measurement process will follow the installation plan, and the received information will be presented to the Technical Analysis Department. Then, the work schedule will be set in the planning unit and sent to all departments. After the production process, the product will be carefully packaged and sent to the project site. This will be followed by the installation process at the project site. Finally, the project will undergo final inspection by quality control experts. It will be delivered to the esteemed employer along with the warranty documents as well as explanations on how to use and maintain the product.


8. To come up with the best idea and design, how can Yaks guide us in designing our desired product?

In addition to the design expert team of interior design department of the company, who arrange and design for your project based on the experiences of the complex, customer taste and their creativity, there is another expert and professional team in the Design and Development Department as the support team of the design unit, bringing the best and most up-to-date technology and ideas for your space by default.


9. What information should be prepared by the customer before the design sessions and during the design correction process?

Before starting the work, the designer is informed of customer needs and wants, desired color or material combination, the dimensions, model, and list of electrical and non-electric appliances that should be included in the desired space.


10. How long does it take for customers to receive their ordered products in Yaks?

After the final approval and measurement of the design and material by the employer, the time schedule of the production process up to the execution stage will be determined and approved by the client. This period depends on many variables, including the readiness of the project, the location used for the installation of Yaks products, the final approval of the design, and materials.


11. Do we have to buy ready-made products, or can we customize our purchases, i.e.  order products tailored to our needs?

In general, the product design and orders in Yaks are based on the framework of European technical and standard principles, and of course, tailored to the needs and wants of the esteemed employer. The coordination of these issues is one of the technical arts of Yaks designers.


12. Are Yaks products made in accordance with the standard dimensions or are they customized in general?

Apart from the dimensional and technical standards of the products, which are based on the ergonomic dimensions of the human body as well as the European fittings and accessories standard, other requests of the esteemed employers will be fulfilled as much as possible (according to the facilities of the company).


13. If we do not have criteria and samples for color choice, how can we select the best and most appropriate color and material?

In the design, layout and decoration of the kitchen environment and other spaces of the house, the color is selected based on the personal taste of the consumer as well as the visual and color characteristics of other elements in the space, which has to be decided by the relevant expert (designer) due to the great impact of the elements on one another.


14.To what extent are the style and design of Yaks in line with the current global trends?

The Yaks technical and design team do their best to not only consider the current tastes of the domestic market, the audience, and their proposed styles and ideas, which are based on the domestic tradition and culture, but also to examine the current global trends and update their ideas.


15. Can we see our desired product in a 3D color design before it is finalized and produced?

Yes.  As selected by the esteemed employers, the final approval of the plan will be provided to esteemed customers in high-quality 3D designs. These 3D models help you to have a better understanding of your space and design. Yaks Co. is always committed to ensuring the complete consistency of what is approved by the employer as the final product with what is installed and executed.


16. What is your suggestion to avoid the kitchen and bedroom clutter

As your living space design consultant, Yaks suggests that, before designing the space, you specify a list of all the interior accessories of the cupboards and consider the appropriate spaces for each of these items inside the cupboards and cabinets.

By using visual simplicity in the designs, employing the technique of covering the surface differences in the design, and choosing the right color for the layout of the space, we can help create more order in the kitchen and rooms.


17.  Can I order a countertop or other kitchen appliances from Yaks Company?

Yes. Yaks Company is honored to provide its customers with services related to kitchen interior decoration and does its best to offer the highest-quality products in the market to its customers.


18. Does Yaks Company also do bedroom decoration?

In general, Yaks Company is primarily specialized in the installation of cupboards, closets and interior decoration of the environment, and prefers not to deal with the design and construction of bed service, although it will be applicable (depending on the facilities of the company).


19. Where are Yaks products made?

All Yaks products are made in its own factory, equipped with the world's most advanced technologies. The factory is located in the Improvement of Iran Wood Industry Industrial Town, Ahmadabad Mostofi.


20. What are the storage conditions and the desired temperature to maintain and prevent damage to the doors and body of wooden products in wet areas?

When the contract is concluded, the space and location to be used are considered, and vacuum materials (such as polyurethane and PVC) are recommended for highly humid locations.


21. What are the storage and cleaning conditions of Yaks products?

At the project delivery time, the client is presented with an information file on the maintenance and cleaning conditions of Yaks products. For more information in this regard, you can also contact the Yaks After-Sales Service Department.