Architect Award 1401

The architect award ceremony is held every year with the aim of selecting the best architectural designs in the country in four groups: single-unit residential, apartment residential, renovation and general. This year, Architect Award held its 22nd edition as one of the biggest architectural events in Iran.

Winners in residential group (single unit),

1st place: Doron House - Model Architecture Office - Mehran Khoshrou

2nd place: Dost House - Iham Architecture Office - Reza Poladvand Joint third place - Khaneh Bagh Ardibehesht - Mohammad Varasteh, Roza Tabadar

3rd place: House Bagh Borj - Architecture Studio BA, Babak Karimpour, Ali Shafiq


Winners of the residential group (apartment),

1st place: Doloft Residential Building - Arash Dimension 4 Space - Alireza Sharafati, Islamic Panthea

2nd place: Ivan Khaneh - Dida Architecture Office - Massoud Hatami

3rd place: two-story building - Ali Mousavi, Ghazal Amini


The winners of the renovation group,

Joint 1st place: Henry Korben-Iranian Garden Architecture Office- Mehsa Majidi

Joint 1st place: Hone-Mohammedreza Taj Gerdon cultural complex

2nd place: Tetra Foodhall-Ozhan Design Studio, Ozhan Selimi, Dena Khaksar

3rd place: Renovation of White - Elgo-Mehran Khoshrou architecture office


General group winners,

Joint 1st place: Kia laboratory-Dawood Borojni office

Joint 1st place: Fodhal Didar-Delta Consulting Engineers-Mohammadreza Heydari, Ahmadreza Heydari

Joint 2nd place: Poonezar (Farm) - Shed Architecture Studio - Farshid Rozitalab, Mohammad Hasan Tajik

Joint 2nd place: Saman Satellit office building - Hoba Design Architecture Group - Homan Balazadeh and the Experimental Branch of Metropolitan Architecture, Arash Mozafari