7+1 event of the Center of Contemporary Architects

The event and exhibition of 7+1 was held at the center of contemporary architects. This event took place with the support of Yaks company for one week in June 1401.

This event was held on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the establishment of the Contemporary Architects Association.

This eighth event with speeches by Homan Talebi (curator of the event), Alireza Taghabani (Director of Contemporary Architects Association), Elham Razavi (Founder of Contemporary Architects Association), Homa Farjadi, Aria Iqbal, Mina Hosni, Mersedeh Sadeghi, Arin Hakimi, Puya Khazaeli, Mohammad Yaser Musipour. , Kamran Hayarati went ahead.

There was also an interdisciplinary discussion about independent/alternative education with the presence of the following panel members.

Panel members: Arya Iqbal (Founder of Arya Art Gallery and School/ Co-founder of Mahehr Art Cultural Institute) Mina Hosni (founder of Khanash cultural and artistic institute) Elham Razavi (Founder of Contemporary Architects Association) Mersedeh Sadeghi (one of the founding members and director of the Art House of Khard) Homan Talebi (panel manager)